Now Accepting Applications

Mistress Pearl is currently accepting applications for the positions of houseboy/maid, poolboy and groundskeeper.

houseboy duties include but are not limited to: the fastidious cleaning of Mistress Pearl's lovely Virginia estate house, cooking, laundry, serving the Mistress (and her female friends) drinks, meals etc.  while providing them with entertainment. 

poolboy duties include but are not limited to: the cleaning, balancing, vacuuming, skimming, and general maintenance of Mistress Pearl's large inground pool. Prior experience and thorough knowledge of pools is required.

Groundskeeper duties include the maintenance of Mistress Pearl's 12 acre farmette. These include but are not limited to: mowing, weeding, weedeating, maintenance of numerous flower beds, mulching, fence repair, fence painting, powerwashing, tree maintenance etc. Prior and extensive grounds keeping experience is required.

I like all of My things (My house, My lawn, My laundry, My clothes) elegant, gorgeous and absolutely perfect. Any form of mediocrity is unacceptable. 

Compensation for these positions is the company of Mistress Pearl as well as ample dungeon time.