About Mistress Pearl

Worship me. Adore me.

I am Mistress Pearl. I am the tall, powerful, and curvaceous redhead of your dreams. My temper and cruelty are matched only by my beauty.  Proclaim your love for me and worship at my feet. I am your only goddess......your Mistress of pain. Grovel my sweet piglets and feel the sting of my whip across your back.

Pay sweet piglet....and Obey.

Shower me with gifts my beloved piglets, show me how much you adore me. 

Yes, Mistress

There is but one Mistress here and no master.


Play time with Mistress Pearl

If you wish to worship Me and be punished by Me then you may try begging for My attention.  I am a Goddess - you will address Me respectfully and refer to Me as either Goddess, Mistress, Madame or Ma'am. 

If you wish to communicate with Me you will provide an offering such as a monetary tribute, giftcard, or an item from My wishlist FIRST. Otherwise you will be ignored. You must show some initiative piglet!

Mes Petite Cochons


Facts, pigs!! Facts.

So, it is your deepest and all consuming desire to serve Me....to experience the most exquisite physical, mental, and emotional suffering....

  • bondage and restraint
  • boot worship and cleaning
  • caging
  • Caning
  • CBT
  • chastity (extended keyholding available)
  • chore sub training
  • clamps
  • collaring
  • Flogging 
  • foot worship
  • human furniture
  • Kicking 
  • Kneeing
  • latex
  • Nipple torture
  • outings
  • slapping
  • puppy play
  • pony play
  • shaving
  • shoe worship
  • sissy maid training
  • shopping (obviously)
  • stockings/ tights/ leggings
  • Whipping (My specialty)

Listen very carefully piglets....My time is incredibly valuable. Nothing makes Me angrier than someone  wasting it. Should you wish to make an appointment for piggy playtime a non-refundable deposit will be required. 

 If you have perused my website you know that I expect tribute. Simple as that.  Prove that you are worthy of my attention!

I do however, enjoy a good play date.....watching my little pigs suffer for my pleasure is extremely satisfying. 

I am not an escort/prostitute/whore/Back page or Craigslist kind of gal... I am risk-aware and I always use safewords.  No feces, blood, vomit, cutting, adult baby play, breath-control/asphyxiation, or race play have any place in my dungeon. I also will not tolerate any form of disrespect. I am a Goddess and will be treated as such.

I am an extremely discreet person and I value my privacy. I expect the same behavior from you. I do not offer illegal activities and I will not discuss them....do not even trouble yourself to ask.

Gentlepigs, should we have playtime together, I expect you to be sober, showered, and well groomed. A bit of cologne (not too much), deodorant, and fresh breath are a must. I will not tolerate anyone who fails to comply with these rules.

Files coming soon.


Pay tribute to your Mistress piglets!


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pay tribute directly through Paypal.....or send your Goddess a giftcard... MistressPearl@mespetitecochons.com 


Oink, oink little piggies