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I am Mistress Pearl

I am the tall, curvaceous, sadistic redhead of your dreams. Welcome to My world, where males exist only to serve and please Me. 

Leave your pathetic and delicate male ego behind  - it has no place here and means absolutely nothing to Me. I will grind it into dust with the heel of My lovely boots. In My world you are an object, a transaction, you are livestock - nothing more than a pig. 

I often work in tandem with My good friend and Supreme Humiliatrix, Mistress Charlotte. Should you ever be so lucky as to come face to face with both of us piggy - well, it will be an experience you will never forget. We will make you curse the day your pathetic male form was excreted onto this planet. 


I require tribute as does Mistress Charlotte. Sizable tribute. We expect to be adored, worshipped, respected and cared for like the Goddesses We are.  

 We do not converse or play with males simply out of the "goodness of our hearts". We would as soon spit on you and slap your pathetic face for wasting our precious time.

All pigs (current and prospective) must ALWAYS approach in a respectful and submissive manner. If you actually hope to receive correspondence it is highly suggested that you offer a monetary tribute first. 

Myself and Mistress Charlotte have silly men groveling at our feet day and night - so you had better take the initiative and do something to set yourself apart from the others. 

Other ways to serve your Mistress



Femdom Sessions

All physical/Femdom sessions are headed by Mistress Pearl. I am occassionally accompanied by Mistress  Charlotte if you are an extra lucky little piggy (and if you can afford it). 

My studio/play spaces are extremely unique and very well equipped. I am a born sadist and genuinely enjoy watching males suffer. I am also quite creative and I have come up with a plethora of ways to torment males while avoiding any potential boredom. 

Now pig - before your depraved male mind starts pondering just what I am capable of let Me be perfectly clear on what I will not do:

Mistress Pearl's Hard Limits


I am not a prostitute and neither is Mistress Charlotte.    We do not participate in any illegal activities. Do not bother yourself to even ask. If you do, all communication will be severed immediately. 

Never refer to Me (Mistress Pearl), as "Mommy". Never.  Always approach in a submissive and respectful manner - pigs may address Me as: Mistress, Madame or Ma'am. 


Financial Domination

Mes petite  cochons.....My little pigs. Oink, oink piggies! Pay pigs that is.

Are you a groveling,  itsy-bitsy dicked pay pig? 

(Of that I have no doubt)  Too bad for you, piggy, because now you are going to turn your hard earned cash over to Me! 

Yes, piggy - you are going to spoil Me (and My friends too) by lavishing Me with money, gifts, gift cards, items from My wishlists, anything and everything I want - all while obeying My every command and enduring My every taunt. 

Now piggy, if you have to ask yourself, "Can i afford Mistress Pearl (or Mistress Charlotte)?" then I can guarantee that you absolutely cannot - broke pay pigs need not apply. Take your sorry ass elsewhere. 

Pay tribute pig. Give your Mistresses a gift card - but don't stop there....give Us all the gift cards. Deposit cash into our accounts. Buy Us items from our wishlists. Be our personal ATMs. Pay for our manicures, pedicures and trips to the salon.  Do NOT be a cheap little bitchboy. Mistress Charlotte and I despise whining, self pitying, bitchboys.  Go big or go home gentlemen. 

Send gift cards to: MistressPearlVA@mespetitecochons.com 

Mistress Pearl's Amazon Wishlist:








Mistress Charlotte

Meet Mistress Charlotte, Queen of Humiliation. She will degrade and debase you like the little filth pig you are. Pathetic piggies exist to pay for, be laughed at and provide entertainment for their Mistresses. Mistress Charlotte is a very wise lady - she knows these things even better than most - might as well start groveling now piggy...oink, oink, but to start - here are some of Mistress Charlotte's rules:

PAY ATTENTION PIGS!! If you cannot abide by any of My rules, DO NOT waste My time by contacting Me.  

Also, if I tell you to do something, you WILL  do it. If that’s a problem, find someone else who will put up with your pathetic ass. 

I will not entertain your conversations if you do not pay or send Me gifts. You WILL compensate Me for My time. It is your job to demonstrate that you are worthy of My attention. An obedient piggy would not question this. 

You will not degrade, insult, or challenge Me.  I have lots and lots of obedient little pigs, and I will not hesitate to block you. 

All in-person domination sessions must be arranged through Mistress Pearl. IF you’re lucky, I might participate.

Contact Mistress Pearl

Beg for attention pig!

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